Indoor Paraffin Heaters


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Paraffin Heaters Energy costs are continually on the rise, especially in times of political uncertainty. At the same time, traditional ways of heating our homes such as multifuel stoves are now more tightly regulated than ever. These and other factors have driven many householders to look for alternative ways to keep their homes warm as the winter weather sets in.

The solution, it turns out, has been here all along; before domestic gas and electricity became readily available, it was paraffin heaters UK households most commonly turned to to warm their homes. In fact, for all kinds of indoor heaters paraffin proved itself to be an ideal fuel source. The infrastructure associated with the supply and use of paraffin is established and well proven. Thanks to the current economic climate, paraffin heaters for the home are making a return to the UK.

At Grundy`s Ironmongers, we have chosen some of the finest modern indoor paraffin heaters to offer to our customers. We have two basic types of heater available in different sizes. The key difference between the two types is that the Invertor range shown below is electrically controlled, and therefore must be plugged in to the mains. This control system allows for thermostat and timer operation, making them as flexible and convenient as a central heating system, but with lower operating costs. The wick burning paraffin heaters on the other hand are standalone units, and are therefore ideal for locations without mains power such as garages.

These small paraffin heaters are highly portable, and can be used almost anywhere on your property. Using a central heating system to heat your whole house when you are sat in a single room is not cost effective; instead, turn the heating down and use one of our modern paraffin heaters to keep you cosy and warm! Contact us for more information on indoor paraffin heaters.