Indoor Paraffin Heater COOL TOP Tayosan 233 2.2Kw Portable Kerosene Wick Burner


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Kero 2.2kw Paraffin Heater

Special OFFER with Cool Top & CO2 sensor

Black in Colour

Conventional wick paraffin heater 2.2kw

3.8Litre Fuel Tank

Average 16hr burning time

We also supply 4 "C" cell alkaline batteries for ignition

manual fuel pump to aid filling of the tank

Size of heater 400mm high x 350mm wide x 320mm deep

Easy push button operation for ignition

This fire is virtually oderless in operation (slight smell when lighting or switching off the fire)

Ideal where there is a risk of power failure as no electric source needed

 Call for any questions

 Delivery to UK only 

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