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Winter time can create mixed feelings in all of us. The natural desire we all have to be warm and comfortable, regardless of the weather, can make this time of year both an inviting prospect, if we have the correct heating facilities, and something we may grumble about. By far, one of the most enjoyable aspects of winter is when we can sit next to an open roaring fire, or a wood burning stove and enjoy the dry penetrating heat that wood supplies taken from wicker log baskets, or metal log baskets, creates.

Unlike central heating or plug-in heaters, a wood burning stove or open fire takes work to start it up. However, it is work that pays off. The key to having an enjoyable fire is making sure you are prepared in advance. Having a ready supply of wood and some kindling on hand is paramount to a successful winter fire. Getting your logged wood in from the outside late at night, is not only messy, but it isn’t what you want to be doing on a cold, dark night when you should be putting your feet up next to a warm and cosy fire. By purchasing one of our log baskets for sale at Grundy’s Ironmongers you can have the convenience of your evenings supply of wood on hand, and all the warming comforting benefits of a roaring, continuous fire with the needed fuel kept nearby.

Our log baskets, metal or wicker, are not only practical, but they add an element of style to your fire place. We have a number of stylish baskets and fireside accessories to choose from. We have heavy duty round wood storage baskets, square log baskets, or metal framed baskets that can handle a good supply of wood stock for the day and evenings heating. So, for Log Baskets, UK residents can order this winter from Grundy’s Ironmongers.