Fire Screens

In years gone by, a decorative fire screen would have been a focal point of even the most Spartan living rooms in the smallest of homes, as families assembled around their fireplaces on winter evenings.  With the recent resurgence of interest in real fires and wood-burning fireplaces, fireplace screens are also making a comeback.

When open coal, wood or peat fires were common in peoples houses, a fire guard screen was a necessary accessory as it prevented sparks and embers from escaping from the fireplace and causing a fire hazard.  While modern fireplaces and stoves are designed to avoid such problems, the cosy atmosphere of watching flames dance behind a steel mesh fire screen is an entrancing experience, which is much sought-after by homeowners and interior designers.  Another advantage of using a fire guard screen in front of your fireplace or stove is that it prevents anyone – especially youngsters such as toddlers – from inadvertently touching the surface of the stove when it is hot.

As you would expect, these fireplace screens are made from strong materials and are designed to be stable when positioned around a fireplace.  And to blend in with the decor of your home, you can order your decorative fire screen in a range of colours and finishes, including black, chrome, and gold.  Choose a fire screen to compliment your other items such as buckets and hods, companion sets and other fireside accessories.

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