All About Our Cast Iron Products

All About Our Cast Iron Products

9 Jun 2021

Here at Grundys Ironmongers, we provide an extensive collection of tools, accessories, and DIY products to UK customers from our base in Lancashire. Today we are going to look at our range of cast iron products and how they can improve the function and aesthetic of your home.

Fireside Accessories

If you have an open fire in your home, we stock all the fireside accessories you could need. Our range of cast iron fireside accessories will help you maintain this ceremonial method of house heating. Our fireside companion items include cast iron fire baskets, fireplace grates, fire brick back and side cheeks, canopies, and grate burners. For those with a flair for tradition, we stock practical items such as cast iron kettles and fire bellows. Whether you are looking for a matchstick holder or a cast iron fire grate, our team is committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction and enhancing your home with quality metalwork.

Grid Covers

At Grundys Ironmongers, we favour traditional, bespoke ironwork over modern mass-produced, plastic items. A century ago, homeowners adorned their homes with subtle ornamentation for a quiet, dignified home. We like to offer our customers the means to transform their home from convenience to quality elegance by making use of classic home fittings. Whether you want to match other traditional fittings of your home or if you live in a new-build house, our cast iron gully grids will add a touch of sophistication to your property.

Why Use a Cast Iron Gully Grid?

If you currently use a plastic gully grid, you know it is easy to maintain and less prone to corrosion than metal items. Though a metal gully grid requires more maintenance than its plastic counterparts, you only need to apply a coat of waterproof paint every few years to maintain your cast iron gully grids. While standardised plastic gully grids are perfectly functional, they pale in comparison to our charming cast iron gully grid drain covers. We offer a full range of sizes and shapes of gully grid drain covers, including square and round cast iron gully grids. Unlike popular, mass-produced alternatives, our products provide a traditional refinement to your home that will replace the cheap convenience of plastic items.

Delivery & Returns

We ship our cast iron products to all areas of Mainland UK from our base in Lancashire, including Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. We use same-day dispatch for orders placed before 10am. For concerns about Delivery & Returns, you can find more information on our website.

Contact Us

We believe you should never settle for an inferior product simply because it is cheap to mass-produce. To discover more about us and our quality cast iron accessories and products, please get in touch by completing our online form or emailing If you would prefer to speak to a member of our team directly, please call 01772682812 or 01772681287 and we will be happy to help with any queries you may have for us.