Cast Gully Grids


Make a return to traditional exterior home fittings with our range of decorative traditional Cast Iron Gully Grid Drain Covers.

A century ago, family homes had a quiet dignity thanks to the subtle ornamentation and quality appointments which were typical of the period. Such features as a cast iron gully grid or wrought iron railing didn’t exactly transform the image of the residence, but all those little touches added up to make the place feel like home. In our modern world of mass-produced plastic items, we seem to have sacrificed elegance for convenience; items like plastic gully grids may have proved functional but add nothing to the image of the property. These classic alternatives will add traditional charm to any dwelling, even one which was built much more recently.

Is a metal gully grid more prone to corrosion than a plastic item? Indeed, metal products cannot quite offer the same maintenance-free performance of plastic. But in the case of cast gully grids, all that is required is to add a coat of waterproof paint every few years. In return, you have a stylish fitting which will improve the appearance of your home.

Choose the correct size and shape of the gully grid drain cover for your needs. The products below fit all the standard sizes of drain openings. Click on each image for more details about the product, including more detailed measurements.

These gully covers are like many of the other products we produce here at Grundy Ironmongers – they are tradition products which have largely been replaced by mass-produced alternatives in the modern world. Why settle for inferior hinges, tools, and fireside accessories, just because they are cheaper to make? Browse our website for more options, or please contact us if you have any questions.