Square Cast Grids

Square Gully Grid

Here at Grundy’s Ironmongers, we provide items that are the necessary pieces and parts helping a home or place of work function as it should, making it all look good, neat and orderly. Our square gully grid covers are a prime example.  Not only is it an important item for a building guttering system to work effectively, it can also make the outside of your home look more visually pleasing too.

We do our best to supply a good range of items to suit everyone’s needs and budgets, and are also proud to supply items of excellent quality. The square iron gully grid covers are made from cast iron, which means it is strong enough to hold its shape, even if trodden on and can deal with cold or hot temperatures.

Cast iron is when melted iron has been poured into a cast, meaning it is not hammered or pushed into its shape like wrought iron. These casts or moulds can be decorative and pleasing to the eye, or primarily functional.  Gully covers are created into their particular slatted shape mainly for a practical use. However, cast iron has long been considered an aesthetically pleasing metal, and is therefore a favourite option for a square gully grid. There is always the option to cover your gutter drain hole with plastic which is much cheaper, but less attractive and nowhere near as robust.

Square Iron Gully Grid

Our square hopper and gully grid covers are used to sit atop of either a drainage opening on the ground that takes rainwater that falls onto any part of your premises to the main water system via underground drains, or they can go at the top of a vertical guttering drain pipe to prevent unwanted products from entering the drains.

Hopper drains are there to help increase the flow of rainwater coming from the guttering through to the vertical drain pipes during very heavy rainfall. Therefore, it is important to help remove anything from the drains that may hinder the flow, or cause a serious blockage in these pipes.

Our choice of square cast grid comes in a choice of different sizes. And we also have available a choice of round grid covers to suit the needs of all. 

Gullies an important part of the drainage system and benefit us all greatly.  How so?

Gullies are man-made trenches that help carry water away from a place to reduce flooding, or pooling of our precious water source.  When water pools on an impermeable surface, such as a driveway or car park, contaminants such as oil and petrol can mix with the water.

To prevent pooling, the gullies provide a flow to take the water away allowing it to continue its journey as part of the rainwater cycle. Obviously, this can also prevent water damage that can wear away at a building structure and landscape.

Therefore, a square grid cover supports this process so that we can keep our buildings in good repair, and our water system in a healthy state.  For more information on the products we have available, contact us today.