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Garden Equipment

Here at Grundy’s Ironmongers, we work hard to ensure we provide a good selection of tools and products to help you take care of your home and surrounding premises.  Probably one of the most sought-after kinds of products in our store, are those that help with outdoor care.  We provide a huge choice of garden equipment that helps our customers undertake and complete any number of tasks from digging and weeding, to rebuilding and repairing gates and fences with a gate ironmongery set.  We have antique style latches, hinges and door knobs as well as adhesive numbers and letters to help identify your home and address.  You can even purchase one of our decorative and fully functional post boxes that will make your home front look fantastic.

Garden Tools

If you have black ironwork surrounding your garden or any other kinds of metal that need attention, rather than giving up on them and buying brand new and expensive garden black smithed fences, why not have a look at all of the paints and tools we have online that can restore the condition and look of your home’s outdoor surroundings?  For example, we have waterproofing paints and materials that can protect your iron work and other metal items from rust.  If you already have rust forming on your garden gate, ironmongery can help.

Why not purchase a wire brush from us to help you begin removing the layer of rust that makes your fence lumpy and swollen?  And we have paints available that can be painted over rust and stop it in its tracks from further spreading and ruining your fence.  If you need extra tools, or fittings and fixtures for any existing tools to perhaps remove a more developed layer of rust, or for anything else, then simply ask by getting in contact and we will see what we can do to help.  Other gate ironmongery choices include security products such as latches, bolts, and padlocks to help keep your home safe and out of bounds to unwanted visitors.

Garden Gate Ironmongery

Other garden tools include spades, trowels and buckets that can help you keep your flowers, shrubs, trees and lawn in excellent condition.  We also have a choice of brackets and pots that lets you place flower arrangements on your fences and garden walls.  And if you desperately need some wellies that are suited to gardening, and caring for anything out of doors even in wet and damp weathers, then check out our wellington boots that come in a choice of sizes.

For those that have a wood burner, the cold and wet weathers are usually when you need your log store the most.  If you have a log store that needs to be placed outside your home, then have a look at our good quality different sized tarpaulin covers that can help you keep them from rotting or being so wet they simply will not light on your stove.  This tarpaulin can also be used to keep other items in better condition.  Patio sets, swing chairs and garden loungers will last a lot longer if they are protected from the frost and other inclement weather.  

For any more information or to enquire about a particular item, contact us today.