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Here at Grundys Ironmongers, we offer a huge variety of ironmongery products, whether for use inside or outside the house. Our range of garden accessories and outdoor products includes seventy different items.

We have a wide selection of different hooks, which are ideal for use in your garden shed or garage. Some are designed specifically for use with bikes, whilst others are suited to storing Wellington boots (which we also supply in this category). These are often supplied individually, but it’s also possible to purchase heavy duty wall hooks in packs of eight. Within this category, we also present towel rails, which are normally used in the bathroom or kitchen, but could also be suited to garden areas.

We have a range of different heavy-duty tarpaulin sheets in different sizes and products for outdoor DIY projects, including nuts, fast-drying spray paint, brush sets, and chicken wire. For your driveway, leading up to your garage, we also supply drain covers in cast iron, as well as ironmongery sets and garden gates.

When it comes to outdoor signage, we offer house numbers in black wrought iron, as well as a cheaper self-adhesive gold metal. Some garden accessories are more practical, such as our shelving units and metal brackets, and others are for more aesthetic purposes, such as our tea light candle lanterns, and pot holders for your garden plants. Within our garden range, we also offer insect sprays, to keep your plants intact.

From the smallest garden gate door latch, to heavy-duty step ladders, simply browse all these products and more to see if you can find what you’re looking for within our garden accessories category.

For more information on our garden equipment, please get in touch today.