Grundy’s Ironmongers are your in-store and online all-round helpful hardware shop, providing you with all of the traditional hardware items that you rely on including your general painting and decorating supplies.  Should you need rollers and trays or the products needed for cleaning and maintenance or your decorating supplies such as white spirits, or even a selection of paints, primers, varnishes, you will find them here.

We have a huge selection of paints ideal for that DIY decorating project, such as renovating a new dresser, wardrobe or even a plastic patio dining set.  With popular painting supplies such as shabby chic colours in a satin finish and a chalky vintage finish, fun spray decorating supplies such as glow in the dark, neon paints and much more, when you browse around our website for painting and decorating supplies you will be sure to find the inspiration to add some extra special touches to your home, and ideas for any new projects to really make you space unique and inviting. 

With our online store and delivery service, you can purchase all of the basic supplies you need for decorating.  Even if you only need supplies for a basic touch up job, or wish to supply some decorating items to keep in your general DIY tool bag, we have a good choice of the things you will need for all decorating jobs, large or small.  We can supply you with everything you would need for a whole room refurbishment, or just a general tidy and quick lick of paint, here and there.

If you are looking for supplies for decorating and you cannot find what you are after, contact us today.  With a constant supply and changing stock in store and online, we may be able to find you exactly what you are looking for.