Camping & Outdoors


Grundy’s Ironmongers provide, as part of their shop wares, camping and outdoor products to all of our outdoor enthusiasts and adventurous customers who are looking forward to enjoying the peace and quiet and beautiful simplicity of nature.

Of course, to have a truly enjoyable time in these surroundings you need to be organised, and we have a selection of camping trip necessities, designed to help you do just that.  Whether you are keeping it simple with minimalist camping, or you are glamping, there are plenty of things to consider.  First aid kits, tent and sleeping bag repair kits, cook stations, wire and pegs to hang out and dry any wet camping gear, washing up products, bungie ropes and cordage are just some of the camping products and items you may need to consider taking with you depending on the type of out-of-doors holidaying you are planning on doing.

With camping gear such as cookware and utensils fit for the camping lifestyle, tarpaulin for a number of applications such as covering hammocks, providing shelter for cooking and washing up, and as a ground sheet for all kinds of camping sleep systems, whether you buy in our store and on our website, we can help to ensure you have a successful and relaxing trip away.

Other camping necessities such as a reliable and effective torch, gas cylinders, multitools with bottle openers, knives, toothpick, etc, fire starting supplies such as tinder, matches and lighters, can be found within our hardware stock.

Have you been planning your next trip and wondered, ‘is there a shop selling camping equipment near me?’  Whether you live in Preston or the surrounding areas and would like to visit our shop, or you live elsewhere and would like to buy online, Grundy’s Ironmongers is the place to visit.