Aluminium Bolt or Strap Chimney Flue Top Cowl Stop Smoke Rain Draught Bird Guard




Type of Fixing: Bolt & Strap Fix

The all purpose Colt Top Chimney Cowl
Stop your Fireplace Smoking!Stainless steel Bird Guard included!The instant answer to smoke and fume blowback.Plus rain and bird entry protection.
2 types to choose from

  • Strap Fixing 

(attached using 4 legs outside of the chimney pot and a large jubilee style clip)

  • Bolt & Strap Fixing

            (attached using 4 x hooked bolts inside the chimney and easy tighten wing nuts)           Also comes with strap fixing kit as an alternative or additional support if required.
Fits chimney pots and flues from 5" (125mm)  up to 10" (250mm)Both styles can be fitted in minutes and are an attractive finish to any chimney or flue top.

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