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Product Required: 1kg Crystals Refill

The Original Streamline moisture trap 
Captures just over 1000ml of liquid. It is an ideal size to sit on a window sill in your
 bathroom or utility, working day and night its is a very efficient, cost effective solution to damp and condensation. 
Simple to use, it is easily refillable using our 500gram, 1kg and 2.5kg refill bags. 
• 1000ml capacity 
• Easy pour spout and calibrated reservoir 
• Clip lock lid to prevent accidental spillage 
• Attractive design 
• Lasts around 8-12 weeks 
• Dimensions: H100mm x W90mm x L260mm
Refill Packs 
Mini Trap
Compact and discreet, the mini moisture trap is ideal for smaller spaces such as bathrooms and utilities. With a capacity of 125ml, the mini trap is a cheap, mess free, disposable solution to moisture and condensation problems in an around your home bathroom or utility, caravan, motor home, boat or car. 
• 2 in 1 room freshener and moisture trap 
• Lavender fragrance 
• Disposable, 125ml moisture trap 
• Lasts around 8-12 weeks 
• Dimensions: H75m x W47mm x L98mm
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