Wood Preservatives

Wood Preservatives

10 May 2021

Whether you are preparing a new piece of wood for long life or restoring an antique, wood preservative is vital. Here at Grundy’s Ironmongers, we offer a wide collection of DIY paint, oil, and varnish products, including the best wood preservative for treating decking and garden furniture.

Outdoor furniture can be exposed to extreme weather, environmental conditions, and wildlife infestations making your wooden garden fixtures prone to wood rot and damage. Applying wood preservative to your furniture is a cost-effective and effectual method of protecting against wet rot, dry rot, blue staining, and wood-boring insects. At Grundy’s Ironmongers, we offer Blackfriar® Exterior Wood Preservative as one of our wood treating products. This is a ‘Gold Star’ wood preservative for decking, sheds, fences, cladding, roof timbers, floorboards, joists, and horticultural purposes. This product is suitable for a vast assortment of garden fixtures, as we offer the full range of Blackfriar® coloured wood preservative, from Gold Star Green to Red Cedar and a clear finish suitable for all wood colours.

Blackfriar® Exterior Wood Preservative penetrates deeply into wood, ensuring long-lasting protection against your garden’s environment. The preservative is water-repellent and contains a UV filter to limit fading from sunlight. This product offers robust protection for vertical timber up to three years of protection and horizontal timber for 18 months.

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