The Advantage of Paraffin Heaters

The Advantage of Paraffin Heaters

1 Sep 2021

As traditional ways of heating homes, such as multifuel stoves, are increasingly regulated, paraffin heaters are regaining popularity in UK homes. Here at Grundys Ironmongers, we offer a range of quality indoor paraffin heaters, and today we are going to look at their advantages and the selection we can supply for your home.

Steady Warmth

Paraffin heaters offer a snug warmth, similar to a comforting blanket. Unlike gas or electric that can chuck out high levels of uncomfortable heat, they provide a consistent warmth that fills the room to the desired temperature within a few minutes. They are easily adjustable to suit your needs.

Indoor Paraffin Heaters

Low Consumption

Before domestic gas and electricity became readily available, paraffin was an ideal fuel source and the most common choice for UK homes. They consume moderate amounts of fuel, and they can warm your room for hours without requiring much fuel.


As the winter sets in and your house gets colder, you will want to find the most cost-effective way to keep you and your family warm, as turning the central heating on every day can lead to eye-watering utility bills. Instead of heating your entire house, you can heat a single room at a time to keep you warm without wasting money.

Small Paraffin Heaters


The small paraffin heaters we stock are portable and can be used across your property. If you want an electrically controlled unit to be plugged into the mains, we can supply one from the Invertor range. Should you prefer a highly portable heating solution that is suitable for garages, we also stock wick-burning standalone units that don’t need to be connected to the mains power.


Unlike some gas or electric heaters, these will switch off if anything goes wrong with its operation. Gas units can cause accidents in the home with leaks, and electric ones can singe clothing or nearby furniture. The Invertor range features a thermostat and timer operation, so they are as convenient and controllable as a central heating system. Domestic paraffin heaters are safe for UK homes, so find our contact details below to find the right choice for you.

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At Grundys Ironmongers, we stock a range of paraffin heaters for the home to suit your specific needs. We also supply replacement wicks with kerosene and a heavy-duty sweeping brush to keep your unit in top condition. For more information about us and our range of products and services, do not hesitate to get in touch by completing our online form or emailing You can speak to a member of our team directly by calling 01772682812, and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have for us. You can learn more about how we ship our products on our delivery information page, and you can keep up to date with the latest news on our blog.