Fireplace Accessories to Suit all Styles of Living Space

Fireplace Accessories to Suit all Styles of Living Space

11 Feb 2022


What makes a home cosy?  Most people would agree that a room needs to be much more than just purely functional.  That is why, although Grundy’s Ironmongers provides plenty of practical and functional items and tools, we also make it our aim to allow you to accessorise your space, with tasteful pieces, that are even good enough to be simply ornamental.

Fireside accessories can make what is ultimately a functional part of your home, the fireplace for heating, into an area you will want to admire and sit around, and not just because you are cold.  With a massive choice of fireside accessories to choose from, it can even be used to add some extra charm to electrical fireplaces, or your live flame gas fires, to make an area look as authentic as possible.  For example, ceramic coals can be placed on a gas flame fire that are flame resistant making it look like a real coal fuelled fire hearth.  You may also decide to place a fire companion set with brush, tongues, small shovel and poker, purely for decorative purposes.

When you have an open fire, this alone adds charm and comfort to your living space.  Watching the flames and feeling the penetrating heat of a real fire, as it uses the wood or coal fuel, is sheer bliss.  More and more people are opting for an open fire, with households having renovations done to their living spaces, by reopening up old fireplaces, or purchasing a brand-new woodburning stove for their homes.  Living rooms, dining areas and even bedrooms can add another element of luxury with this effective yet beautiful heating appliance.  However, what is the point of beautifying your home with a fireplace, and then heaping splintering wood and dusty coals on your surfaces or floors.  Open fire accessories can make even the tools and fuel sources you have to ‘man your fire’ look decorative and cosy.  A choice of well-placed fire store baskets can keep all of your wood neat and tidy, while limiting the number of times you have to open your doors to the cold and wet just to get a further supply of logs from your shed or garage.  You can also make use of log trays and other storage holders that can keep your logs dry and aired, ready to go straight on the fire.  No matter what you need to keep your fire alight and at a consistent temperature, you do not need to compromise on style.  In fact, the choice of baskets available can look amazing even if you purchase them to hold other items, such as a wool stash for crafters, or all of the toys you have for your children or beloved pet.

Coal buckets come in a choice of styles.  Satin black, bronze, silver pewter and even a magnolia steel log burner Hod buckets can match with any colour scheme or style you have in your living space.

So, no matter what fireplace or heating source you have, we have the accessories to match your living space.  For a great choice of fire side accessories, visit Grundy’s Ironmongers today.