All About Our Architectural Ironmongery

9 Jun 2021

Whether new or renovated, a building is only as strong as its hardware. Here at Grundys Ironmongers, we supply an extensive collection of tools, paints, and products to customers in the UK for a variety of purposes including DIY, and garden and kitchen fittings. Today we are going to look at our architectural ironmongery and how it can benefit your home or business.

What is Architectural Ironmongery?

Architectural ironmongery is the manufacture of hardware for doors, windows, and structures of a building. Architects, interior designers, contractors, DIY hobbyists, and others all rely on quality architectural ironmongery to complete successful projects that meet British standards. Without reliable architectural ironmongery, the structure of your building will be vulnerable. At Grundys Ironmongers, we have a range of durable architectural ironmongery including cabin hooks, chain clips, and hinges. Read below to find out more about our products.

Cabin Hooks

If you want to let a breeze pass through your property, cabin hooks are an effective way to keep doors open. Cabin hooks are installed by securing a hook to the wall and an eye to the door. We have two styles available, both with options for different finishes. The Heavy-Duty Extra Long Door Gate Cabin Hook is 12” long and is available with a black or galvanised finish. We also have the Heavy-Duty Door and Gate Cabin Hook & Eye with options for sizing and the choice of black or galvanised finish. This cabin hook is available in different sizes ranging from 3” to 10”, so you are sure to find a cabin hook and eye that suits your requirements.

Chain Clips

Chain clips, also known as snap hooks, connect to links, chains, and rope to provide non-permanent attachment and security. Our chain clips come in pairs, and are available in multiple sizes, ranging from 4mm to 12mm. All our chain clips are galvanised, and you will find the best size for your purpose from our wide selection.


Hinges are used on external doors for structures such as gates and sheds. We sell quality Tee Hinges in packs of two, available in a range of sizes from 4” to 12”. You can choose between Zinc Plated (silver) or Black Powder coated finishing.

Delivery & Returns

From our base in Lancashire, we can ship our architectural ironmongery to all areas of Mainland UK, including Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. We use same-day dispatch for orders placed before 10am. If you have any concerns about Delivery & Returns, you can find out more information on our website.

Contact Us

If you are looking for an ‘Architectural Ironmongery Near Me’, then your search ends here with Grundys Ironmongers. For more information about us and our architectural ironmongery, please contact us by completing our online form or emailing To speak to a member of our team directly, please call 01772682812 or 01772681287.