!!!NEW!!! Tayosan Kero SRE 300 3Kw Indoor Paraffin Kerosene Heater ODOURLESS

!!!NEW!!! Tayosan Kero SRE 300 3Kw Indoor Paraffin Kerosene Heater ODOURLESS

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Indoor Tayosan SRE 300 Paraffin Heater Inverter


!!!..Incorporating save, min & auto button setting..!!!

Running the fire on Save setting will enable the fire to turn off once the desired temperature is reached, and switch back on again as room temperature drops.

Running the fire on Auto will enable you to set your desired temprature, the fire will then adjust accordingly to keep the room at a constant temperature.

Running on Min will set the fire to run at it's minimum output for a gentle heat and fuel saving.

Timer will enable you to select a time on 24hr clock for the fire to switch itself on automatically.



These new economical heaters are virtually 100% efficient, eradicating any smell or condensation as in old fashined paraffin and gas heaters (only slight smell when heater igniting or switching off)

Direct Injection
24hr timer programming
Multiple safeties
4l fuel tank
up to 50 hours burn time.

These fires incorporate an electronic thermostat to control room temperature, also allowing a timer to be set so the fire will turn on at a desired time. 
(e.g. set to switch on early morning before you wake up)

Requires 240v supply to power electronic ignition, thermostatic controls & electronic fan which blows out the heat. 
(uses approx 34 watts of electricity) similar to a small light bulb.
Supplied with manual fuel pump for ease of filling tank

Post to Mainland UK
(excluding Highlands & Islands) please contact for these areas.
Tel. 01772 682812


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